Navigating Strategic Expansion in Pakistan Through Coworking Spaces

Navigating Strategic Expansion in Pakistan Through Coworking Spaces


Established in 2014, Dubi Cars has become the UAE’s fastest-growing online car market for buyers and sellers across the Emirates and the biggest generator of export demand for the region. Dubi Cars initiated a new chapter in its expansion narrative by establishing a back-end team in Pakistan in 2023. The strategic foresight to leverage Pakistan’s talent pool for back-end operations was driven by the dual benefits of cost efficiency and tapping into a high-performing workforce. This initial move was more than just setting up an office; it was about planting the seeds for a growth story that would unfold across cities.

Part One: Laying the Foundation in Lahore

The initial step for Dubi Cars was establishing a back-end team in Lahore, Pakistan’s second-largest city known for its vibrant tech scene and entrepreneurial spirit. In May 2023, with a lean team of three (3), Dubi Cars chose one of Kickstart’s Gulberg locations. This move was rooted in the strategic alignment with Kickstart’s coworking model, which offered not only a prime location but also a flexible and service-oriented environment conducive to growth and innovation.

“Our experience with Kickstart’s facilities has remarkably exceeded our expectations, setting a new standard for what we envision in an office space. Our CEO visited our Lahore Office from London, and they mentioned that Kickstart’s facilities were better than the office solution they are using within Dubai,” noted a Dubi Cars spokesperson.

Kickstart's Coworking Space in Gulberg, Lahore

Coworking space at Kickstart Gulberg

The tangible benefits of the coworking model influenced the choice to expand within Kickstart’s ecosystem. The flexibility to scale, coupled with the absence of logistical burdens typically associated with traditional office setups, allowed Dubi Cars to focus on its core operations. Following this trajectory, in just three (3) months, Dubi Cars scaled up to a twenty (20) person office at the Kickstart MM Alam location, accommodating not just the Lahore team but also visiting staff from Dubai and London, integrating the diverse aspects of Dubi Cars’ operations.

Part Two: Strategic Expansion to Islamabad

Building on the success in Lahore, Dubi Cars embarked on a further expansion into Islamabad, a city offering a new spectrum of opportunities and challenges. This move was not merely an extension of geography but a strategic decision driven by the insights and successes gathered from their Lahore operations. The company leveraged the flexible coworking model to establish a forty-five (45) person office in Kickstart Islamabad, reflecting a deepening commitment to this agile operational framework.

“Our expansion strategy has been significantly influenced by our positive experiences in Kickstart Lahore, validating the coworking model as a cornerstone for our operational scalability and flexibility,” shared the spokesperson from Dubi Cars.

The Islamabad expansion marked a strategic choice to maintain a lean operational model through coworking spaces. By sidestepping the capital expenditures and administrative overhead associated with traditional offices, Dubi Cars optimized resource allocation towards its core business functions and strategic expansion efforts.

A Large Serviced Office at Kickstart's Islamabad Location

Shared spaces at Kickstart Islamabad

Collaboration with Yango

An integral part of Dubi Cars’ expansion story is its collaboration with Yango, which highlighted the collaborative potential within coworking spaces. Dubi Cars had to conduct a focus group within the UAE. They were able to connect with Yango, who had done a similar experiment, and they were able to collaborate and build the focus group together. This partnership, born within the walls of Kickstart, exemplified how coworking spaces are not just about sharing office space but also about fostering connections and collaborations that can lead to significant business opportunities.

“The collaboration with Yango at Kickstart was a fortunate outcome of the coworking environment, opening new avenues for strategic partnerships and innovation,” the Dubi Cars team observed.

Coworkers Working in one of Kickstart's Shared Workspaces

Focus group conducted by Yango

Insights and Future Directions

From three (3) desks to sixty (60) in less than a year, Dubi Cars’ strategic use of coworking spaces in Pakistan has highlighted several key insights, including the importance of strategic flexibility, cost efficiency, and the value of a collaborative ecosystem. As Dubi Cars look to the future, it aims to leverage these experiences to explore new markets and operational strategies, solidifying its leadership in the online car marketplace.

A Private & Serviced Office at Kickstart's MM Alam Location

Private office at Kickstart MM Alam

Service over Space: Crafting a 220+ Desk Solution

Inspired by Dubi Cars’ remarkable journey of strategic expansion and collaboration in Pakistan? Discover how your business can leverage the same benefits of flexibility, innovation, and strategic partnerships within coworking spaces. Whether you’re looking to expand across cities or forge meaningful business partnerships, Kickstart offers the ecosystem your business needs to thrive. Let’s create your success story together! Click here to get started.