Awais Raza's Journey to Becoming Google’s Youngest Partner and Beyond

Awais Raza’s Journey to Becoming Google’s Youngest Partner and Beyond


At Kickstart, we aim to nurture the dreams of entrepreneurs who defy conventional paths to success. One of the most compelling stories within our community is that of Awais Raza, whose journey exemplifies resilience, perseverance, and the transformative power of belief in oneself and one’s vision. Awais, now the official Google Workspace partner in Pakistan and celebrated as the youngest in Pakistan, started his venture in 2019 with a mission to solve digital infrastructure issues in Pakistan.

Breaking Barriers: The Road to Becoming Google’s Youngest Partner

Awais’s journey hasn’t been easy, especially with the initial setback of being kicked out of his first successful venture by his childhood friends. To add insult to injury, they questioned his future prospects due to his lack of a college degree. “It was tough because I had paused my education to dedicate myself completely to the venture,” Awais recalls. But instead of letting this setback define him, Awais saw it as a wake-up call.

“Getting kicked out of the business I poured my life into was a low point. But it taught me a valuable lesson about self-resilience.” he reflects, seeing that moment as a pivotal point for growth.

Awaiz Raza with his team at Kickstart Johar Town

Awaiz Raza with his team at Kickstart Johar Town

Following this, Awais soon identified a critical issue impacting local businesses: email bouncing due to subpar servers. Determined to solve this, he embarked on a journey that not only led to a partnership with Google but also established his venture as a go-to technology provider in the region. Awais’s path to becoming a Google partner was filled with challenges. Despite dedicated effort and spending $2,400 on Google University courses, his initial application was rejected. Undeterred, he leveraged his technical skills to identify a bug in Google’s server system, a move that earned him the partnership and widespread media recognition as the youngest Google partner in Pakistan. His story captivated audiences on TV shows and YouTube podcasts, highlighting his resilience and innovation.

From Recognition to Responsibility: Growing a Business and Nurturing Talent

With the media attention came the realization for Awais that his mission was beyond personal recognition; it was about leveraging his newfound status to grow his business and nurture a team while completing his formal education. He then rejected all interview invitations and deep-dived into his work.

“For 160 days straight, I juggled the company during the week and university over the weekend without a single day off. It was gruelling, but every step was worth it,” Awais recounted.

His entrepreneurial spirit was further tested when he decided to build his team. Facing the challenge of transferring his specialized skills to new hires in a domain where skilled workers were scarce, he adopted an inclusive hiring strategy. By focusing on young individuals, many without college degrees, Awais aimed to equip them with valuable skills, betting on their potential rather than their credentials.

“I bet on the person, not the skill. It’s about giving young people a chance to grow and add real value to their lives. That’s what drives our nearly perfect retention rate,” Awais shares about his hiring philosophy.

Awais Raza, surrounded by his spirited team.

Awais, surrounded by his spirited team.

Awais’ Journey with Kickstart: The Value of a Supportive Work Environment

Awais Raza’s journey at Kickstart began in September 2022, initially occupying just one desk. He quickly realized that a co-working space was pivotal at this stage of his venture, especially as he aimed to gradually expand his team. However, Kickstart wasn’t his first co-working experience. The initial space he chose lacked the flexibility needed for client meetings and scaling up, prompting his move.

Team Google Workplace in their office at Kickstart Johar Town

Team Google Workplace at their dedicated desks.

He chose Kickstart’s Johar Town location for its spacious offices, professional meeting rooms, and overall layout, which he believed offered the right environment for client meetings and employee wellbeing. In just one year, his team expanded to 17 employees, with plans for further growth. Despite suggestions to open his own office, Awais valued the hassle-free, supportive environment at Kickstart more than the idea of an independent office. He appreciated the autonomy and professional ambience Kickstart provided, saying:

“I don’t feel restricted here; it feels like my very own office. A major co-working brand, which is one of my clients, offered me a significant discount to relocate. I chose to stay here because of the personal attention my team receives here, which is crucial for maintaining a comfortable and supportive work environment. This is especially important for my employees, including female staff, who appreciate the secure and inclusive environment.”

Awais's Colleagues at Kickstart Johar Town

At Kickstart, we aim to create a nurturing ecosystem that allows entrepreneurs like Awais to thrive. Personalized service, flexibility, and a quick response to needs are key to reducing the stress of managing a growing business. As Awais focuses on expanding his venture, his story serves as a testament to the importance of resilience, inclusivity, and strong partnerships in entrepreneurial success.

Awais Raza's colleagues at Google Workspace Pakistan

Inspired by Awais Raza’s incredible journey from overcoming challenges to becoming Google’s youngest partner and a thriving entrepreneur? It’s stories like these that underline the value of a supportive and flexible coworking environment for budding entrepreneurs and established businesses alike. Ready to write your own success story? Contact us now to find out how we can support your entrepreneurial journey. Click here to get started.