Who are we?

Kickstart is the pioneer of Coworking spaces in Pakistan, catering to corporates, IT service companies, SMEs and freelancers. We focus on providing a hassle-free experience to our clients at a price that offers them great value for money. Our spaces in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad are designed for creativity, collaboration, and growth, empowering professionals to thrive in a dynamic environment.

Our Story

Kickstart | Transforming Workspaces in Pakistan
Kickstart began in 2016 in Lahore, Pakistan, as a bold solution to a common entrepreneurial challenge: finding affordable, flexible workspaces. Founded by Hassan, Saad, and Raza, our first coworking space transformed a simple idea into a community-focused movement. Despite minimal resources, our determination led to the rapid growth of a coworking network across Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. As we move forward, we stick to our focus of providing a hassle-free and best-in-class office experience at affordable prices.
Kickstart Coworking Space story

Kickstart Over the Years

Kickstart Coworking Space in 2016


8 years ago we started with a very small 40-desk, 1500 sq. ft. location in Lahore. 

At that time we didn’t even know that what we have developed is called a “Coworking space”. We felt that there is a need for quality office spaces that individuals and companies could share. It was after two months of starting our space that we realised that it is an established concept in some markets known as a “Coworking space”.


As soon as we had refined our model and were looking to scale, we faced our 1st major challenge in the form of Covid-19. An existential challenge at that time, Covid-19 also proved to be a blessing in disguise in other ways. Post-Covid, the adoption of the coworking model turbo-charged and companies increasingly started to shift to Coworking from the traditional lease model.

Kickstart Coworking Space in 2020
Kickstart Coworking Space in 2021


2021 was an inflection point for us in two ways: We did our 1st expansion outside of Lahore with the launch of our 1st location in Karachi.  We also came up with our 1st property on the Landlord Partnership model where Kickstart partners up with building owners to launch coworking spaces at their properties. 


In 2022, we expanded our footprint further, with the launch of our 1st location in Islamabad. 

Kickstart Coworking Space in 2022
Kickstart Coworking Space in 2022


At the start of 2024, we have 3800+ desks across fourteen (14) locations in three (3) cities, with our Coworking spaces spanning over 230,000+ sq. ft.

Core Values

Every member of the Kickstart tribe is committed to a set of values that bind us.


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