Kickstart | Gulberg 58-A2

A Coworking Space at Gulberg, Lahore

Experience our coworking space in Gulberg. Kickstart Gulberg 58-A2, is located off Khurshid Mahmood Qasuri Road, close to Xinhua Mall. As one of the first and most successful coworking spaces by Kickstart, 58-A2 has become synonymous with innovation and business growth in Lahore. Housing trailblazing businesses like Educative, Starzplay, Bykea, Payoneer, and Widespread, this space has been integral to their success stories.

The offices and services at Kickstart 58-A2 are meticulously crafted to enhance productivity. The space’s unique design and tailored solutions accommodate the diverse needs of startups and established businesses alike. But Kickstart Gulberg is more than just a workspace; it’s a vibrant community. Its strategic location means easy access to a plethora of lunch options, markets, eateries, and popular hangout spots, fostering not just a dynamic work environment but also a thriving social scene. Kickstart 58-A2 is where professional growth meets community and convenience, making it a premier destination for businesses in Lahore.

Location Plans

Kickstart Coworking Space Serviced Offices plan
Serviced Offices

Move-in ready, fully furnished, and serviced private offices for hassle-free setup.

Kickstart Coworking Space Dedicated Desk plan
Dedicated Desk

Your personal desk space with lockable storage, ideal for focused professionals.

Starting at
PKR 21,000/Desk/Month
Kickstart Coworking Space Hot Desk plan
Hot Desk

Flexible, inspiring hot desk spots in a cool, collaborative work environment.

Starting at
PKR 14,000/Desk/Month
Kickstart Coworking Space Serviced Offices plan
Flex Desk

Tailored workspaces for modern professionals with adaptable hours and networking spaces.

Starting at
PKR 10,000/Month
Kickstart Coworking Space Podcast Studio plan
Podcast Studio

High-quality podcast studios designed for digital content creators’ needs.

Starting at
PKR 3,000/hour

Meeting Rooms

Kickstart Coworking Space Huddle Room plan
Huddle Room

Compact huddle rooms for up to 4 people, perfect for small team collaborations.

Starting at
PKR 1,200/hour
Kickstart Coworking Space Meeting Rooms plan
Meeting Rooms

Spacious conference rooms for 8+ people, ideal for larger meetings and discussions

Starting at
PKR 2,000/hour

Location Amenities

24-hour Access


Meeting Rooms

Power Backup

Member Access Only

CCTV Covered

Onsite Staff

Unlimited Tea/Coffee



Perfectly suited for burgeoning IT firms, service providers, and small-scale back-office operations. Early-stage startups, particularly in education consulting, find this space conducive to growth and collaboration.

A dynamic hub for innovative companies including Bykea, HYBYTES, Zulu Impact, WeCrunch, and Widespread. Notable tech firms like Antsoft Tech, BrandNib, and Grabtech Solutions also enhance the collaborative spirit of this vibrant community.

Perfectly tailored for intimate teams and larger groups, offering a comfortable and productive environment for teams ranging from 1 to 40 members.

Our location is conveniently close to Xinhua Mall, offering easy access to a variety of lunch options, markets, eateries, and popular social spots, enhancing your work-life integration.

Our tailored workspaces and services are designed to enhance productivity, while our vibrant community and strategic location foster networking, collaboration, and a dynamic work environment.

Yes, our space is designed to accommodate the diverse needs of both startups and established businesses, offering a versatile environment for professional growth.

Beyond being a workspace, Kickstart 58-A2 is a thriving community where professional growth meets convenience and social vibrancy, making it a premier destination for businesses in Lahore.

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Kickstart | Gulberg 58-A2


Space Access and Areas
24-hour Access
Access your workspace any time, day or night, for uninterrupted productivity.
Meeting Rooms
Ideal for both spontaneous and scheduled meetings, ensuring privacy and convenience.
Safety and Security
Member Access Only
Secure entry with NFC/RFID cards, exclusive to our members for safety and exclusivity.
CCTV Covered
Comprehensive CCTV surveillance in all common areas, except private spaces for your security.
Networking and Partnerships
Build lasting relationships, collaborate with peers, and propel your business forward.
Knowledge sharing
Connect and learn from a vibrant community of professionals in various fields.
Business Support
Legal and Accounting Support
Onboard experts for navigating legal complexities and tax matters (additional charges apply).
Service Exchange
Discover customers and trustworthy service providers within our coworking community.
Premium Office Amenities
Internet with Failover Connections
Reliable, high-speed internet backed by our advanced Kickstart Alpha Network.
Power Backup
Consistent power supply to ensure your business operations are never disrupted.
Onsite Staff
A dedicated team ranging from front desk to maintenance, always ready to assist you.
Unlimited Tea/Coffee
Stay energized with complimentary tea and coffee, available any time you need.
Cleaning, Repairs, and Maintenance
A diligent facilities team managing all cleaning and upkeep tasks.
Comprehensive printing, copying, and scanning services included.
Enhance your wellness and productivity with our exclusive fitness studio.
A refreshing outdoor space for events or a tranquil work setting.