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What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

Kickstart has been a godsend – amazing place, great services, excellent staff and an upbeat environment. Recommended for early to middle stage companies!

By: Shoaib Khan

CEO Markaz Technologies

Kickstart Coworking Space

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Kickstart Coworking Space

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Where is Kickstart located?
Kickstart operates across major cities in Pakistan, including coworking spaces in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. Our strategically located offices ensure convenience and accessibility for diverse professional needs.
Is Kickstart only for startups and freelancers OR Can multinationals and big corporates also acquire office space at Kickstart?
Kickstart is not just for startups and freelancers; we also cater to multinationals and big corporations. Renowned companies like EY, GSK, Nielsen, Hitachi, Upfield, and Cargill have used or are using our comprehensive workspace services.
My team size is 150+ people. Does Kickstart cater to team sizes this large?
Absolutely! Kickstart is equipped to handle large teams, even those exceeding 200 members. Our solutions for big teams include custom desk layouts, white labelling, and private IT and networking infrastructure, tailored to meet specific requirements.
We are a small IT services company. Why should we join Kickstart?
Joining Kickstart is a strategic choice for small IT services companies seeking a cost-effective, hassle-free workspace. With us, you avoid the steep overheads of setting up your own office and the mundane tasks of daily administration. We provide reliable power backup, high-speed internet, and even zero downtime options to ensure your operations are seamless and productive. Our customizable spaces allow you to shape your environment to reflect your company’s unique identity, all while operating from a prestigious central business address. At Kickstart, you’re not just renting space; you’re joining a community that values professionalism, innovation, and collaboration.
We are a startup and just closed our funding round. Why should we join Kickstart instead of setting up our own office?
For startups navigating the post-funding landscape, maintaining flexibility is key, and joining Kickstart offers just that. Even with Series A or B funding, the future scale of your team can be unpredictable. Opting for Kickstart over a private office gives you the invaluable ability to scale up or down effortlessly. If your product or service captivates the market and your team needs to expand quickly, adding more desks is straightforward. Conversely, if the market’s response is more subdued than anticipated, reducing your space is just as easy. This adaptability makes Kickstart an ideal choice for your evolving startup, ensuring that your focus remains on growth and innovation, not on fixed overheads.
Our operations are highly sensitive and need to be running 24/7/365. Can Kickstart support that?
Yes, Kickstart is equipped to support 24/7/365 operations. We have experience hosting clients with sensitive operations such as Network Operating Centres and Live Support Teams, ensuring reliability and uninterrupted service.
I am an individual freelancer. What is in it for me at Kickstart?
For freelancers, Kickstart offers a balanced work-life environment, a community of potential customers and peers, and a separation of work from home life, fostering both professional growth and personal well-being.
What are Kickstart’s operational timings for members?
While our operational timings vary slightly across locations, most Kickstart facilities offer 24/7 access to private offices. Shared spaces and common areas generally close between 6pm-7pm, ensuring flexibility and convenience for our members.
Which membership plan is best for me?
The best membership plan depends on your specific needs. If you’re a freelancer or remote worker, a hot desk or dedicated desk might suit you. For small teams or businesses seeking privacy, our private office plans are ideal. If you have a large team of 50-250 people, our customised serviced office solutions would be the best for you.
What is Kickstart's Virtual Office service?
Kickstart Virtual Office gives you a business address for official purposes (for business incorporation, banking, WeBoc, etc.) and a mailing address. It also offers you day passes and meeting room hours to conduct your business from Kickstart spaces. (Note: We apply strict KYC checks before handing this membership)

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