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Coworking Space Plans

  • Desks in Shared Coworking Office Space
  • Hot Desk at Kickstart Coworking Space
  • Training Room at Kickstart
  • Virtual Office at Kickstart Coworking Space

Co-working Space Benefits

Scary Ammi
Roar Digital
EGOR Technologies
Starz Play
Delivery Associates

What our Members say

Kickstart Coworking Space was my second home in Pakistan for 10 months. I joined Kickstart at their early stages and observed the development of the place and the team. Kickstart has a great collaborative community.  I met my best friends in Pakistan there. The management team is continuously improving their services and always welcomed my feedback. The place is quiet, clean and provides all necessary facilities to ensure a productive working day!

I run a startup out of Kickstart and I have to say I love working here. I’ve worked out of coffee shops for some time but Kickstart gives me the perfect environment to get work done. Working from Kickstart has really helped my development as an Entrepreneur and freelancer. I also feel more connected to the business/ entrepreneurial community!

Kickstart offers a friendly, professional and safe working space for women. During our 8 month stay, I was very happy with the management and feedback was immediately taken care of. It was a good place to meet freelancers and entrepreneurs. In fact, we found our CTO there!