Welcome To Kickstart!

Kickstart is a shared, community-driven workspace for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers.

Shared working space in budget

Best for growing small businesses & experienced professionals

Why Work from Kickstart

All-in for ease and convenience!

Bye bye to the hassle of setting-up and managing your own office. Kickstart takes care of all office amenities for you so you can focus on what’s actually important
Zero Hassle

Options Options Options!

With three operational locations in Lahore, you can choose the one that suits you best. Kickstart Work locations are our in-budget option for starters. Kickstart Growth is a more professional space for progressive small businesses and growing startups

Who doesn’t like flexibility?

Increase or decrease the size of your team as and when needed. Pay only for the people you have in your team at any moment.
Kickstart coworking office space gulberg lahore

Learning and Networking

We regularly organize and take our members to the events that serve to fill their knowledge gaps and also provide an opportunity to network.

Be a part of a Bigger Community

Become a part of a vibrant community of professionals. It is certainly better than working alone from home or from a small office in a godforsaken building.

Other Amenities

  • 24-Hours Access

  • High Speed Internet at Kickstart

    High Speed Internet with powerful backups

  • Conference Room

  • Unlimited Tea/Coffee

Happening at Kickstart

25 Apr

Global Coworking Week: Lahore Coworking Day

Join Toptalers around the world as we gather for #Toptalcoworking! Toptal members and guests are welcome to cowork — or just stop in to say hello — April 25 between 11:00am and 5:00pm. It’s an ideal opportunity to strengthen connections with local professionals. Your host is Amin Shah Gilani, a Toptal developer and editor on Toptal’s Publications Team.
22 Dec

Open Mic | Standup Comedy

Lahore was craving for Standup Comedy. TLLC is not just a Standup Comedy show it is a club where new and fresh content will be provided to all the hungry people out there. The concept of this Club is strictly Standup Comedy. Passes for the show are available from the venue now. Contact 03131485315 for passes Hurry up we have limited seats !!! Grab your pass now and get ready to laugh !!
22 Dec


The hidden facts of Digital Photography and Flash System. Re-discover the soul of Digital Photography with Babar Swaleheen You will Learn. - Introduction and basics of flash photography. - What is stroboscopic? - Aesthetic and technical demonstration for speed lights. - How to choose the right lens for the right job. - How to overcome challenges if you don’t own expensive gears? - The best image is just 5 minutes away from you. - Difference between full frame and crop sensor cameras and it’s not sensor size

What Our Community Says

Kickstart was my second home in Pakistan for 10 months. I joined Kickstart at their early stages and observed the development of the place and the team. Kickstart has a great collaborative community. I met my best friends in Pakistan there. The management team is continuously improving their services and always welcomed my feedback. The place is quiet, clean, and provides all necessary facilities to ensure a productive working day!

I run a startup out of Kickstart and I have to say I love working here.  I’ve worked out of coffee shops for some time but Kickstart gives me the perfect environment to get work done. Working from Kickstart has really helped my development as an Entrepreneur and freelancer. I also feel more connected to the business/ entrepreneurial community! 

Kickstart offers a friendly, professional and safe working space for women. During our 8 month stay, I was very happy with the management and feedback was immediately taken care of.

 It was a good place to meet freelancers and entrepreneurs. In fact, we found our CTO there!