Yango’s Growth in Pakistan with Kickstart Coworking Spaces.

How Yango Conquered Four Major Cities in Six Months with This Game-Changing Strategy.


Yango, an international tech company, offers mobility and delivery services across more than twenty (20) countries, including regions in Africa, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. Launched in Pakistan just a year ago, Yango has rapidly expanded its operations to four major cities, utilising a lean team of just fifteen (15) employees at present. This case study examines how Yango’s lean operational model and unique expansion strategy have enabled such swift and efficient growth.

Life at Kickstart Coworking Spaces

Evgeny Dyshluk (Head of bikes and rickshaws) & Faisal Iftekhar (Growth Manager) at Kickstart MM Alam.

What Makes Yango Different?

Yango distinguishes itself in the competitive ride-hailing market through a decentralised approach to driver management. Yango’s model relies on local partners who act as intermediaries between the company and its drivers. These partners, positioned within various localities, are entrusted with key responsibilities typically managed by a central support team. This includes driver onboarding, complaint resolution, payment processing, and continuous training.

This places operational control in the hands of those who best understand the local context, enabling faster response times and greater adaptability to local market conditions and challenges. Partners are facilitated by a specialised app developed exclusively for partners. This app ensures that partners can address issues in real time, providing a direct line of communication to the company, which enhances decision-making speed and accuracy.

Overcoming Initial Challenges

When Yango started establishing its team in Pakistan last year, it joined another coworking space to quickly get its team onboarded and start working on the launch. Awais Saeed, Country Supply & Ops Manager, recalls:

“When Yango initially came to Pakistan, we opted for a different coworking space, which unfortunately was congested and lacked a professional ambience. This was evident when our international delegation visited, leading us to consider establishing dedicated offices. However, we sought a temporary solution that was spacious, vibrant, and modern. Our search led us to Kickstart MM Alam, which perfectly met our requirements.”

Awais Saeed, Country Supply and Operations Manager, at Kickstart MM Alam.

Awais Saeed, Country Supply and Operations Manager.

How Yango Optimised Their Model for Accelerated Growth in Pakistan?

Yango joined us in April 2023 and swiftly launched in Lahore the following month. Their experience with our coworking spaces in Pakistan prompted a significant shift from their global business model, which typically includes physical driver hubs in each operating city. In Pakistan, they refined their approach by removing these physical hubs, opting instead to streamline operations through local partners and coworking spaces. This strategic shift not only significantly cut overhead costs associated with physical facilities and administrative staff but also enhanced the agility and leanness of their operations, facilitating rapid expansion across multiple cities. Awais explains:

“Our experience at Kickstart actually impacted our model where working from here meant that I, as a manager, did not have to get into the extra hassle of office management, so we removed Yango Hubs from our model in Pakistan. We focused on educating and empowering our partners. So the team can focus on growth.”

Yango’s focus group being conducted at Kickstart MM Alam’s Event Space.

Team Yango conducting a focus group Kickstart MM Alam

Geographic Expansion Enabled by Kickstart

Kickstart’s infrastructure facilitated Yango’s ambitious expansion strategy. Within six (6) months of its initial launch in Lahore, Yango had successfully commenced operations in Islamabad, Faisalabad, and Karachi. This coworking setup allowed Yango’s management to pre-establish new offices remotely from Lahore, capitalising on the availability of Kickstart’s facilities in these key locations. Awais highlighted this as a pivotal factor in enabling Yango’s rapid and efficient city-to-city expansion.

“Coworking arrangement with Kickstart allowed us to maintain a lean and flexible business model. Within just six months, we launched Yango in four major cities. This rapid expansion was possible because we avoided the complexities of finding and setting up new offices in each location. For instance, while still in Lahore, I had already secured offices in Karachi and Islamabad through Kickstart. This approach saved weeks that would otherwise have been spent on location scouting and setting up an office. By the time I arrived in these cities, I was ready to focus solely on team expansion and partner integration.”

Shared spaces at Kickstart Coworking Spaces for networking.

Fostering a Collaborative Work Environment

Beyond logistical benefits, coworking at Kickstart facilitated the creation of a dynamic corporate culture and community. Interactions within the coworking space fostered a collaborative environment essential for team cohesion and employee morale. This community aspect, often undervalued, became a cornerstone of Yango’s operational strategy in Pakistan, enhancing employee satisfaction and retention. Awais explains this working dynamics:

“Our hybrid work model means that not all team members are present in the office every day. However, the coworking space at Kickstart allows us to maintain a dynamic and engaging community environment. This community not only enhances employee wellness but also significantly boosts team engagement, making our workplace both productive and enjoyable.”

Networking Event at Kickstart Coworking Spaces.

Transforming Business Dynamics through Coworking

Yango’s strategic use of Kickstart’s coworking spaces in Pakistan exemplifies a successful adaptation and rapid expansion strategy. By redefining its business model to exclude physical hubs and instead leveraging local partnerships and coworking spaces, Yango significantly reduced overhead costs while enhancing operational agility. This approach not only accelerated their expansion into four major cities within six months but also fostered a dynamic workplace culture that boosted employee wellness and engagement.

Yango Team celebrating exceptional growth in Pakistan at Kickstart Coworking Spaces.

Yango’s journey demonstrates the transformative potential of coworking spaces for businesses aiming for rapid scalability and operational efficiency. For companies exploring growth avenues, coworking spaces like Kickstart offer a strategic asset that supports swift expansion and sustainable business practices. Ready to write your own success story? Contact us!