Meeting Room

At Kickstart, we recognize the need for professional meeting spaces. Our rooms offer a serene, ambient environment, perfect for various meeting types, and stand as a superior alternative to noisy coffee shops. These spaces are tailored to ensure your meetings are productive, comfortable, and leave a lasting impression.

Professional, Private, and Perfect Meeting Spaces for Every Need

Our meeting rooms cater to every need, from business discussions to team huddles. Equipped with high-speed internet, they offer privacy and convenience, including separate rooms and on-site waiting areas for a seamless meeting experience.

Complimentary Amenities for Enhanced Experience

We believe in providing a complete meeting experience. Hence, all our guests are welcomed with complimentary tea and coffee, adding a touch of warmth to your meetings.

Accessible to All

Not just for members, our Meeting Rooms are open to everyone. Experience our comprehensive facilities, including front-desk assistance and a relaxing dining area. Booking additional hours is easy through our member’s portal, ensuring accessibility and convenience.

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Our meeting rooms at Kickstart are designed to accommodate a range of group sizes, from intimate gatherings of just one or two people up to larger meetings of up to 12 members. This flexibility ensures that you have the perfect space for your discussions, presentations, or collaborative sessions, regardless of the size of your group.

You have the flexibility to book a meeting room at Kickstart for any duration you need, as long as it’s within the operational hours of the building. We understand that every meeting has its own pace and requirements. To accommodate this, we charge for meeting room usage on an hourly basis, ensuring you only pay for the time you need, making it both convenient and cost-effective for your business.

Yes, non-members can book meeting spaces at Kickstart, however our members enjoy these facilities free of cost. Our meeting spaces are equipped with all the necessary amenities for a productive session.

Meeting rooms can be booked through our advanced booking portal by our members. We use a coin system where members are allocated a certain number of coins, with additional usage charged when they exceed their quota. Non-members can book by calling our helpline and booking through our representatives.

Meeting Room


Professional Meeting room Experience
Fully Equipped with All Necessary Tools
Our meeting rooms are outfitted with LEDs, Chromecast, whiteboards, power outlets, and PABX systems, ensuring a seamless and productive meeting experience.
Private Meetings with No Interruption

Once booked, your meeting room becomes an exclusive space, guaranteeing total privacy and a distraction-free environment for your discussions.

Meeting Rooms for All Sizes of Teams

Accommodating teams from 1 to 15 people, our diverse meeting room sizes ensure the perfect fit for your gatherings, big or small.

Space Access and Areas
24-hour Access
Access your workspace any time, day or night, for uninterrupted productivity.
Meeting Rooms
Ideal for both spontaneous and scheduled meetings, ensuring privacy and convenience.
Safety and Security
Member Access Only
Secure entry with NFC/RFID cards, exclusive to our members for safety and exclusivity.
CCTV Coverage
Comprehensive CCTV surveillance in all common areas, except private spaces for your security.
Networking and Partnerships
Build lasting relationships, collaborate with peers, and propel your business forward.
Knowledge sharing
Connect and learn from a vibrant community of professionals in various fields.
Business Support
Legal and Accounting Support
Onboard experts for navigating legal complexities and tax matters (additional charges apply).
Service Exchange
Discover customers and trustworthy service providers within our coworking community.
Premium Office Amenities
Internet with Failover Connections
Reliable, high-speed internet backed by our advanced Kickstart Alpha Network.
Power Backup
Consistent power supply to ensure your business operations are never disrupted.
Onsite Staff
A dedicated team ranging from front desk to maintenance, always ready to assist you.
Unlimited Tea/Coffee
Stay energized with complimentary tea and coffee, available any time you need.
Comprehensive printing, copying, and scanning services included.