Dedicated Desk

Our dedicated desk is your personal desk with a lockable storage space and an ergonomic chair which allows you to work in a peaceful environment that is free of all distractions. But it’s not just about your desk space, you will also get access to our premium office facilities like meeting/huddle rooms, our recreational space and dining area which not only delivers great functional value but also elevate your company’s image in front of potential employees and customers.

These services greatly impact your performance and majority of our fresh dedicated desk members report a huge increase in productivity as compared to their work from home and other offices. All this, while being surrounded by the company of a dynamic group of people who can be your potential service providers, customers, business partners or co-founders. Your opportunities to grow are endless.

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Dedicated Desk Amenities

Space Access and Areas

24/5 Access (On Saturday till 5 PM)

Office can be accessed for 24 hours from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays the space closes at 5 PM for shared coworking area members. Sunday is an off for shared area members.

Meeting Rooms

For all your planned and unplanned meetings.

Safety and Security

Member Access Only

Access is restricted for members only using NFC/RFID cards.

CCTV Covered

All shared areas are covered by CCTV except for Private.


Networking and Partnerships

Forge life-long connection, partner with your coworkers, and exchange services to turbo-charge your business.

Knowledge sharing

Network with and learn from a dynamic group of coworkers

Business Support

Legal and Accounting Support

We have a legal consultant and an accounting team onboard that can help you get through the legal quagmire and tax filing etc. (On separate charge)

Service Exchange

Engage with your coworkers: find customers and reliable service providers among your coworkers

Premium Office Amenities

Internet with Failover Connections

High speed internet managed by a sophisticated system and dispersed by a giant Kickstart Alpha Network

Power Backup

Uninterrupted power supply for smooth and hassle free operations of your business.

Onsite Staff

From office boys to front desk officer and from cleaning team to Community Manager, our onsite staff is there to solve your issues instantly

Unlimited Tea/Coffee

To keep you charged throughout your work days (and nights)

Cleaning, Repairs, and Maintenance

Our facilities team takes care of all the cleaning and maintenance work.


Printing, copying, scanning is covered!


A fitness studio to take care of member wellness and to boost their productivity at work through physical activity. (This amenity is exclusively available at Kickstart Gulberg 62-C2 only!).


An outdoor terrace/rooftop for arranging outdoor events or for members to get a fresh breath of air while working. (This amenity is exclusively available at Kickstart Gulberg 62-C2 only!).

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