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Kickstart’s Virtual Office – The Best way to Build a Business


With the evolving world and the changing circumstances, ‘traditional’ offices have become redundant for certain businesses. This was evident throughout 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic created circumstances where businesses throughout the world began working from home. However, to appear professional and make a positive impression on the clientele, an office address is a requirement. 

This is where Kickstart’s virtual office in Lahore steps in. Yes, Pakistan might be traditional in many ways, but there are still budding entrepreneurs who strive to provide the nation with the most dated business services – i.e. a virtual working space.

A virtual office is basically a platform that allows companies and their employees to grow and operate without a physical space and office set up. It does, however, serve as a business address for investors and clients who need a physical space to consider a business legitimate. Following are a few benefits of a virtual office:

  1. Work from home: This type of work from home (WFH) is slightly different from the WFH employees experienced during the coronavirus pandemic. In a virtual office, the hours are balanced and employees may find ample time to work on home-based businesses.
  2. A virtual office provides a proper office setup: This means your business will have a phone number, a mailing address, meeting rooms, access to workspace, and videoconferencing.
  3. Reduced cost: You don’t have to rent a large space to fit in all the employees, neither do you need to spend money on decor, maintenance, furniture, equipment, etc. Most importantly, there is no lease! The money saved can further be utilized to expand the business.
  4. Authorized address for local and foreign companies: The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) requires an address for company registration. With the facility of a virtual office, you have the option of operating a legal business from abroad or out of the city.
  5. Easy WeBOC registration: According to the regulations of the Government of Pakistan, if you have a business that often has foreign transactions, it is essential that all payments are made through a Web-Based One Custom Account (WeBOC). However, the WeBOC registration documents demand a valid business address, rent agreement, bills, etc. A virtual office immediately fulfills all these conditions.
  6. Open a bank account easily: According to the regulations of the bank, an office address is needed for verification before a business bank account is opened. The address of the virtual office can be used for this category.

Why choose Kickstart’s Virtual Office?

Do you feel your company does not need a fulltime office to run successfully? Keep up with the times and opt for Kickstart’s virtual office in Lahore. The purpose of a virtual office space is to provide businesses with the benefits of an office, without bearing the high cost and paying maintenance bills.  

Following are some amazing facilities offered by the virtual office at Kickstart

  • Meeting rooms: Use Kickstart’s meeting rooms to conduct your meetings in a professional setting. The meeting times you are permitted to set are flexible, most importantly, you can customize a payment plan based on your budget and requirement. You also have the option of booking a space for seminars and training sessions.

A business address
  • A business address:  The virtual office at Lahore provides entrepreneurs with a premium business address to share with customers and for all regulatory purposes.
  • Rider services: We understand there are numerous business-related chores that require an office space, or a manager who is present at the workplace throughout the day to ensure completion of the task. But with Kickstart’s virtual office, these issues are solved with our rider service. All your business-related chores such as cheque deposits and cash collections will be done without you needing to step out of your house.
  • Mail handling: Share our professional business address with your clients and suppliers and we will handle all your business-related mail.
  • Reception Services: Reception services are provided to your guests from 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. from Monday to Friday.
Kickstart Coworking Space
  • Legal Services: If you need legal services with the virtual office, Kickstart will also provide that at discounted rates. The services are available on a ‘per task’ basis as well as a monthly retainer.  
Kickstart Coworking Space

Digital Marketing Services: Since digital marketing is a need in today’s time, we also offer digital marketing at a specific rate. This includes social media management, search engine marketing, graphic designing, website designing and more.

Who should opt for this plan?

Though virtual offices are often a good choice for start-ups, the facility is not limited to only those who don’t have large investments available to purchase an office space. In fact, a virtual office is a logical alternative for even successful businesses that don’t necessarily require an office building to operate in a city. The virtual office by Kickstart in Lahore is best-suited for individuals and companies who:

  • Need an office for a business address
  • Individuals who merely need a physical office for occasional meetings
  • People who have limited requirements for a working space
  • Those who have offices anywhere  in the globe but need an address in Lahore

Visit this page for more details regarding the virtual office plan at Kickstart. You can leave your details in a form on that page and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can also call our coworking hotline at 0333-0596162 for more information.