10 Ways to keep your office COVID-19 free as the lockdown eases

After shutting down all activities in Pakistan for over two months due […]

Hygiene and Safety Protocols at Kicksstart

Restarting Workspace: Kickstart’s Hygiene & Safety Protocols

The Office as we knew it has completely changed in just two […]

progression of coworking spaces in lahore

Progression of Coworking & Flexible Offices in Lahore 2016 – 2020

Coworking and flexible offices in Lahore proved their utility and entered mainstream […]

Registration of Trademarks in Pakistan

Registration of Trademarks in Pakistan

This article covers the process of registration of trademarks in Pakistan with […]

Top 14 Coworking Spaces in Lahore

Top 14 Coworking Spaces in Lahore

The trend of coworking spaces and furnished offices has been on the […]

Force majeure and principle of frustration

Legal Implications of Coronavirus: Can Force Majeure be relied upon

Is Coronavirus a Force Majeure event? A force majeure provision will only […]

5 Best Coworking Spaces Lahore

5 Best Coworking Spaces in Lahore

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Flexible and Managed office in Lahore (Kickstart Coworking Space)

Why Flexible & Managed Offices are on the Rise

By Saad Riaz (Co-founder – Kickstart Coworking Space) In 2016, a few […]

Kickstart Gulberg Lahore

5 Mistakes to avoid when choosing an office space

Co-working Spaces and Managed Offices are new entrants in the Pakistani office […]

6 successful companies at Kickstart Coworking

6 Successful Companies Based at Kickstart

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How Co-working is revolutionizing workspace

The environment you work in has a great impact on a person’s […]

8 Office Essentials

8 Office Essentials to Have in an Efficient Workspace

Starting your business can be a daunting task and it takes tremendous […]

How to Register a Foreign Company in Pakistan

How to Register a Foreign Company in Pakistan

Pakistan has a liberal foreign investment regime, which allows foreign investors to […]

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Plan Your Next Meeting at Kickstart

Have you ever had a meeting with a prospective client in a […]

Virtual Office at Kickstart

Virtual Office by Kickstart

What is a virtual office? Virtual Office by Kickstart enables businesses or […]

Apollo-Training Room- Kickstart

Introducing Apollo: A Multipurpose Training Room

One of the most significant challenges faced by young trainers, skilled professionals, […]

Kickstart offers 50% discount

Kickstart Co-working Space offering 50% off to all Google Summer of Code participants

Kickstart Co-working Space is offering a 50% off to students selected for […]

Innovation Pavillion Joins Kickstart

Innovation Pavilion joins Kickstart

Innovation Pavilion (IP) is an innovation and real estate services provider headquartered in […]

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5 Reasons why you should get a private office space at Kickstart

Shared working spaces can play an important role in the life of […]


3 Innovative methods freelancers at Kickstart are using to get their money transferred to Pakistan

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4 Benefits Coworking Space are Providing to Freelancers in Lahore

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Business Owners and Startup Founders Learn How to Grow their Businesses with Digital Marketing

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Kickstart Stories: Amin Gilani’s Startup Ideas

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Nazdeeq member startup

Kickstart member startup is now delivering all products to Pakistan is a startup that works out of Kickstart and aims to […]

Nazdeeq brining amazon products to Pakistan Bringing Amazon Products to Pakistan

Meet the co-founders of Nazdeeq – Madiha and Muhammad Mustafa thought of […]

Kickstart opens space in lahore

Kickstart Opens Its Coworking Spaces in Lahore for Events and Meetups

Since our starting in February last year, around 100 entrepreneurs and freelancers […]


Kickstart and PlanX Enter Into a Partnership

Kickstart and PlanX are organizations with common goals of nurturing the spirit […]

coworking spaces in lahore

Co-working spaces provide more than Just Space!

Pakistan is a country that boasts one of the largest freelancer communities […]