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Kickstart Growth (Gulberg)

58- A2, Gulberg 2, Lahore

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  • 24-Hour Access

    Members have 24-hour access to the location.
  • Internet

    High speed internet is managed by a sophisticated system and dispersed by a giant Kickstart Alpha Network
  • Conference Room

    An 8-person meeting room to meet your clients/guests and conduct your team meetings
  • Quick Conversation Rooms

    To hold one-on-one meetings and take phone calls
  • Unlimited Tea/Coffee

    To keep you charged throughout your work days (and nights)
  • Community Events

    Our constant stream of events and workshops providing you opportunities to network and learn
  • Printing/ Copying/ Scanning

    Printing, copying, scanning - Alll covered!
  • Lockers and Storage

    To store your important documents and other belongings
  • Mail & Package Handling

    You have an office address you can use for your official correspondence
  • Uninterrupted Power

    So that your work is interrupted only by a refreshing and invigorating conversation with a coworker
  • Office Boys

    And our office staff is also available to serve you tea, coffee, and food
  • Cleaning

    Around the clock, our cleaning staff helps keep the space at its best
  • Community Manager

    A dedicated community manager to provide exceptional customer service

Membership Plans

Serviced Office

Call or Email for Pricing

Serviced Office at Kickstart is your private lockable space connected with shared working facility, allowing you to achieve best of both worlds: your team enjoys the privacy while having all other benefits of a coworking space. 

Teams that take serviced offices attached to a coworking spaces report increased employee retntion. Employees of small teams (of size less than 10) usually start feeling isolated and estranged in their separate office. The feeling of being in a coworking environment saves them the alienation and you can retain them for a longer period of time.

Not to mention it is one of the most hassle-free and cost-effective office space solutions around

Best for:

  • Small Businesses
  • Rapidly Growing Startups
  • Satellite offices of local and foreign companies

Dedicated Workstation

Starting at PKR 15,000/Person

Our dedicated desk is your personal desk with lockers and storage in a distraction-free environment and comes with an ergonomic chair.

This option is ideal for individuals who work for longer hours (8-12 hours/day).

Best For:

  • Remote employees
  • Freelancers who work for longer hours  
  • Small teams interested in collaboration

Hot Desk

PKR 9,000/Person

Hot Desk is your guaranteed spot in a cool and inspiring working area. You have the option to sit anywhere you want. 

It is a distraction-free alternative to your favorite coffee shop.

Best for:

  • Freelancers who need a place to work everyday
  • Researchers
  • One-man companies

Flex Desk


Flex desk is our plan for those coffee shops goers who also sometimes work from home or other places like libraries. So they dont need access to office all the time.

Flex desk provides you access to working space for 80 Hours/month. You have the flexibility to use your hours anytime you want.

Currently, one of our members at Flex Desk plan uses the space for 8 hours/day a day for 10 days/month. Another members uses the space for 5 hours/day for 16 days/month.

Best for:

  • Freelancers who dont know where they will be going to work tomorrow but also need one permanent place where they could go whenever they want to be highly productive


Discounts on Monthly Payment

Members can avail 10% discount on 6 months advance payment and 20% discount on monthly fee for 12 Months advance payment.