Coffee Shops, Bookstores, Public Libraries: What are the Best Options in Islamabad for Alternative Workspace?


A lot of remote workers in Islamabad long to change the environment to keep them productive. However, where should they go? Let’s check out some cool alternative workspace options in Islamabad that can rejuvenate your whole working day.

Whether you are into the buzz of a coffee shop, the quiet charm of a bookstore, or the serene, meditative focus of a public library, there’s the perfect spot for you. And if you are still not confident about them, I have got a special workspace for you so be with me to the end. Now, let’s explore the best locations for working, thinking, and creation in depth.

Best Options in Islamabad for Alternative Workspace

Coffee Shops

Coffee shops provide an energetic and stimulating work environment which combines the convenience of amenities including Wi-Fi and power outlets with the lively atmosphere. They create the perfect environment for light responsibilities, social engagements, and a change from the routine office space.

Here are some coffee shop options you can try in Islamabad:

Coffee Wagera

Coffee Wagera, located in the i8 area of Islamabad, attracts many freelancers and remote workers who look forward to a conducive environment to work. It serves as the perfect place, considering its cozy atmosphere and aromatic drinks, to get some of the work done.

Nevertheless, the seating space can be a bit snagged and the absence of padded seats can make staying there a not-so-good experience. However, the vibrant atmosphere and busy surroundings can still be a source of stimulation for people who are active by nature. Despite its small flaws, Coffee Wagera is still among the top places for those who are looking for a combination of work and entertainment in the heart of Islamabad.

Coffee Planet

The Coffee Planet in Islamabad’s F11 is a cool and energetic place that will suit all those who are freelancers or remote workers seeking a change of scenery. The café has a modern decor and serves the finest coffee, which makes it a perfect venue when you want to become productive while working. 

It’s vital to keep in mind that the hustle and bustle of the city can get so loud (at times) as to distract one from tasks that demand a lot of concentration. The noise is fairly bearable, and the dynamic environment tends to uplift me, especially when I’m in more active settings. Noise-canceling headphones are great if you plan to work here and don’t want to develop headaches due to the ambient noise.

Coffee Bean

Coffee Bean in F6’s Islamabad is an ideal co-working place for freelancers and remote workers. One advantage that the café offers is that it provides a cozy and welcoming atmosphere in which you can easily bring in your laptop and catch up on some work. The coffee is fantastic, and the atmosphere will put you in the right mood to work. 

Moreover, network availability might be quite unstable, especially during peak hours when the number of connections is high. This sometimes becomes annoying if you’re doing some work that needs you to be in a stable connection. Nevertheless, the nice atmosphere and the star-class coffee make it a place where one will feel comfortable to work..


Bookstores are a great space for focused work and creativity as you can find a quiet, intellectually stimulating environment. With the existence of comfortable seating and with no hurdles in accessing a wealth of reading materials, they offer a quieter substitute for the conventional offices.

Some bookstore options for the workspace you must try in Islamabad:

Mr. Books

Mr. Books of F6 in Islamabad is an enchanting premise for freelancers and remote workers. The warm and quiet atmosphere of the book store makes it a perfect place to delve into your work. Instead of only focusing on one aspect, you can enjoy reading and productivity simultaneously. 

While the constant crowd coming in and out can be distracting at times that can result in difficulty to concentrate on the task at hand. Nevertheless, the fact that the atmosphere is one of a kind and that the shelves are full of books augments its appeal as a preferable and wonderful working place.

Saeed Book Bank

A bookstore that resembles a mall? It’s a dream come true for book lovers. And if you are a freelancer who is also a book lover, this place is heaven for you. Located in Islamabad F7, Saeed book bank is the right spot for creative work. You can claim a cozy corner with your laptop to work in and be surrounded by the scent of books and music to help you focus on your tasks.

However this spot tends to get rather bustling at the peak hours, mainly as a result of which it sometimes becomes a bit noisy and distracting. Thought this drawback is minor, the enriching environment, and the wide selection of books that make up this workspace more than cover it up, creating a unique working space for the kind of people who love spending their time in such an environment.

Public Libraries

Public libraries are free from distractions and offer a helpful environment for the quiet and steady work to be done. Fully equipped with free Wi-Fi internet, comfortable seats, and plenty of information sources, they become an ideal choice for people who work as freelancers or remotely.

Looking for public libraries in Islamabad to try as a workspace? Check these out:

National Library of Pakistan

The National Library of Pakistan located in Islamabad’s G5 area is an amazing spot for freelancers and remote workers. It gives a sense of silence and calm, ideal for concentration. The reading rooms are spacious and the wide variety of resources make it the perfect place for serious work. Yet, the one drawback of its closing at 8 pm is that it cannot satisfy the needs of those who want to work or conduct meeting with international clients and have to operate late hours. However, the library’s serene atmosphere and available workspaces still make it an excellent option for daytime productivity. It may be the best place to work if you are able to line up your schedule with its hours.

Islamabad Public Library

Islamabad Public Library in H9 is a wonderful place for freelancers and remote workers. The library provides a quiet and well-organized environment, making it an ideal spot for concentrated work. With its vast collection of books and ample seating, it’s a great place to settle in and be productive. 

However, the library closes at 6 pm, which can be inconvenient for those needing to work late hours to connect with international clients. Despite this early closing time, the calm and focused atmosphere during the day makes it a highly recommended workspace for those who can manage their schedules accordingly.

Quaid-e-Azam Library

Quaid-e-Azam Library in F9, Islamabad, is a serene place for freelancers and remote workers who need a favorable space to do their tasks. Cozy atmosphere and an array of necessary tools foster a productive and comfortable work environment. 

However, its early closure, even before the National Library and Islamabad Public Library, at 4:30 pm could be a barrier for those who work late or need to communicate with international clients. Despite the obstacle of a different schedule, the library provides a quiet and interruption-free place to accomplish tasks and engage in intellectual studies. It remains the significant source of daytime work sessions in the heart of Islamabad.

Coffee Shops vs Bookstores vs Public Libraries

A Professional Workspace Option: Kickstart Co-Working Space

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A fitting work environment can mean the difference between success and failure, and between productivity and creativity. Whether this act is the coffee shop buzz that makes your day, the tranquility of the bookstore, or the focus of the public library in Islamabad, there is a place for you.

Here’s a tip: jazz it up! Changing your spot every now and then can brighten up your environment and keep it interesting. Each spot is host to different activities suitable for various tasks and moods.And if you still don’t find the right spot to hit your monthly goals, try Kickstart coworking space for once and you will never go to any other workspace.