Why You should Book Kickstart’s Meeting rooms

29 Nov 2018

Have you ever had a meeting with a prospective client in a café or coffee place and felt uneasy because the music was too loud or the table next to you had a loud group of friends who won’t let you talk comfortably? If yes, then you’d know how cafes and coffee places might seem a good idea to have business meetings at first but on a closer look, have functional limitations to them.

Arranging a meeting at a cafe/coffee place might result in a number of inconveniences including:

· You cannot control the volume of music blasting from the speakers
· People sitting near your table
· No room of privacy

And last but not the least, it can become even more difficult if you want to have a meeting with a group of 5 to 10 people but either a few seats are preoccupied or your laptop screen is not visible to each of them.

To save yourself from any undesired situations or giving the wrong image to your clients/potential clients – the best option is to reserve a private meeting room at Kickstart. We have rooms available for capacity ranging from 2 to 25 and you can make use of the one that suits you best. Our meeting rooms come with amenities like projectors/LED TVs, Tea/Coffee, whiteboards, and reliable internet.

Here are the perks of booking a meeting room at Kickstart:
· Privacy
· Access to presentation tools
· Free coffee
· High-speed internet

Booking Process:
We have a very convenient process for booking a meeting room. You just need to visit our booking checkout page and add a booking request on your desired time and date. We will confirm your request as soon as possible and get back to you.

For more details about meeting rooms at Kickstart, write to us at solutions@kickstart.pk or Call us now: 0333-0596162