Virtual Office at Kickstart

Virtual Office by Kickstart


What is a virtual office?

Virtual Office by Kickstart enables businesses or companies to use a number of business-related functions without having to actually bear the overhead costs of a leasing/renting a place. In other words, a virtual office is a convenient and hassle-free option when you don’t want a full-time office.

Virtual office lets businesses enjoy many of the benefits that physical offices have.

For instance, if your office is located in any city on the globe and you have limited business engagement in Lahore, and you want a station in Lahore where you can meet your customers and suppliers occasionally then our virtual office plans might be the answer for you.

Similarly, if you are located in Lahore and need an office for a formal business address or to have meetings with clients/prospective clients/suppliers/ or any other stakeholder, getting a virtual office will solve your problem.  

What does this plan offer?

Kickstart’s virtual office provides you the following services:

  • Business postal address/Mailing Address

By having a business postal address, you will also be able to receive and send your formal mail from Kickstart.  Moreover, potential customers/clients will also have more trust in your business.

  • Meeting rooms

You can arrange occasionally meetings with your stakeholders in Kickstart’s meeting rooms. PKR 1500-2500 meeting room credits that can be used to book various meeting rooms at Kickstart.

  • Day-pass
    With a day-pass, you can get a desk and work the entire day with unlimited coffee and high-speed internet to keep you motivated. You can make kickstart your work base for 1-2 days/month.

Plan Benefits 

Let’s discuss the pros of a virtual office:

  • The overhead cost of a virtual office compared to a traditional office setting is significantly lower. If you go for a virtual office, you don’t have to purchase/lease/rent a place, buy office furniture, or renovate the place.
  • The monthly cost of running a virtual office is far less than an orthodox office too. You don’t have to spend money on monthly bills, office staff or for maintenance purposes.
  • Virtual offices offer you great flexibility. You can change or customize the payment plans according to your requirements. For instance, if you want to expand meeting room hours or has to elongate the stay, he/she can simply purchase a new day-pass or purchase additional meeting room hours at a discounted price.  

Best suited for:

Virtual office by Kickstart is best-suited for individuals and business who need:

  • Need an office for business address
  • Individuals having limited requirements for physical office like occasional meetings
  • People having limited requirements for working space

For more details about plans and pricing, please visit our virtual office plan page.