Top 14 Coworking Spaces in Lahore

Best Coworking Spaces Near Me in Lahore


The trend of coworking spaces and furnished offices has been on the rise in Lahore throughout the past year. In 2019 alone, twenty-three (23) new coworking spaces opened doors for customers in Lahore. That is 2 spaces opening every month, which – by all standards – is impressive growth!

As the number of spaces is increasing, it is becoming increasingly difficult for customers to decide which option is best for them. 

To help you make this decision, we have already published a list of 5 Best Coworking Spaces in Lahore. If you are looking for the best spaces, you should hop to this link

If you have more time available and want a more comprehensive look at all other spaces as well, the following article is for you! 

By now you might be wondering:

What is the best Coworking Space near me?

For your convenience, we have categorized the spaces according to the area in which the spaces are located. 

Coworking Spaces in Gulberg

Gulberg is the most central area for offices in Lahore. People from most localities in Lahore can reach Gulberg in 30-35 minutes. This is a big plus when you have team members coming in from all over the city. Having your office in Gulberg also increases your company’s HR resource pool since resources from all over the city can join.

Kickstart | Gulberg (62-C2)

Kickstart Coworking space

This Kickstart location is one of the best coworking spaces in Lahore. It is a 5-story standalone building inhabited by multi-million dollar startups like Educative and Starzplay and established IT companies like ZONES and ICE Consulting

Other than all necessary office amenities, this location has unique amenities like a fitness studio, inside boundary wall parking, and a nice terrace. Thus, rightfully placing it as one of the best coworking space near you in Gulberg, Lahore.

The location hosts individual freelancers as well as teams of 70+ people.

Desk Price (Coworking space): 10,000 – 20,000/head

Private Office: 20,000 – 30,000/head

Regus | Tricon Tower

Regus is the only international co-working space operator in Pakistan. Their Tricon tower location has very nice views of the Lahore Gymkhana Club. Pepsi and Dupont are among their top customers. They only provide professional private offices, classy conference rooms and a lounge. Most of their customer-base belongs to the corporate sector. 

Desk Price (Coworking space): 34,000/head

Private Office: 30,000/head

Kickstart | Gulberg (58-A2)

This Kickstart location is among the early coworking spaces in Lahore. It hosts a vibrant community of startups like BYKEA, Swvl, and Payoneer. The location has the most spacious private offices available in any coworking space. 

The location operates 24/7, has a dedicated dining area and a variety of meeting & huddle rooms. The location has very friendly staff who will certainly make you and your team feel at home!

Desk Price (Coworking space): 7,000-17,000/head

Private Office: 80,00-140,000/month

Daftarkhwan Central | Hali Road

Daftarkhwan Coworking space
Daftarkhwan Coworking space

Daftarkhwan Central undoubtedly has the best events for emerging entrepreneurs and startups in Lahore. Run by a few inspiring entrepreneurs, Daftarkhwan Central has an amazing community of professionals from all walks of life. 

You won’t have a boring day at the office after joining Daftarkhwan Central. Making it a great option for a solid coworking space near you at Gulberg, Lahore.

Desk Price (Coworking space): 16,700/head

Private Office: 65,000 Starting

Colabs | Gurumangat Road Gulberg

Colabs Coworking space

Colabs is a project of SABCON – which is a construction company – and is powered by Bangerhead. Their goal is to reconfigure the modern workplace to make it more open and collaborative. Colabs believes in making individuals realize their potential by providing them the network and resources they need to be successful. 

Desk Price (Coworking space): 16,000/head

Private Office: 70,000 starting

Coworking Spaces in Johar Town

If you are looking for only the best spaces in Lahore, we would recommend that you choose among the ones in Gulberg. 

However, do consider that it isn’t always the best option to opt for an expensive space. If you are starting up, have scrappy cash flows you should go for a decent space that provides consistent service at a low price. 

Consider our picks in Johar Town 🙂

WORK by Kickstart | Airline Society

WORK is a small space offering decent service through cost-effective plans. It is mostly inhabited by small IT and Creative agencies, small teams, and freelancers. The space provides shared coworking seats only. 

Desk Price (Coworking space): 10,000 – 20,000/head

Private Office: Not Available in this location

Ignition | Nazria-e-Pakistan Avenue

Ignition provides coworking desks as well as private offices for small teams. They also have a small dining area and access to a rooftop. Many small-scale IT companies and freelancers are their members. 

Desk Price (Coworking space): 10,000 – 20,000/head

Private Office: Not Available in this location

Launchbox | Abdul Haque Road

“A collaborative platform to truth seekers,rebels, and path finders to innovate,and create wonders”, this is how they describe themselves! 

Launchbox started with a goal of providing an affordable office space solution for remote employees, freelancers and stay-at-home workers. 

Desk Price (Coworking space): 12,500/head

Private Office: 75,000 – 125000

Workstance | PIA Main Boulevard

Workstance is a community-based co-working space for freelancers and small teams. They have worked hard to design a clean and neat workspace that helps you stay productive.

Desk Price (Coworking space): 8,500/head

Private Office: Not available  

Venture Drive | Allah Hu Chowk

Just like many other spaces in Johar Town, Venturedrive is another space in Johar Town for freelancers and small companies. They provide decent service at low price.

Desk Price (Coworking space): 7,500

Private Office: 15,000 – 50,000

Coworking Spaces in DHA

There are a variety of coworking spaces in DHA, Lahore. You can find coworking spaces ranging from very low to medium price point. 

One drawback that coworking spaces have in DHA is that floor size is very small. The standard floor sizes in DHA are either 900 sq.ft. or 1800 sq.ft. It is very rare to find a bigger floor plate in a commercial building so all coworking spaces are slightly narrower and congested as compared to spaces in other parts of the city. 

Daftarkhwan One | Khayaban-e-Iqbal

Daftarkhwan One is the best coworking space in DHA. It is accessible through Ferozepur road from other areas of the city as well. 

It is a standalone building with cool amenities and shared areas. Famous local music app startup Patari has been a member of Daftarkhwan One. 

Desk Price (Coworking space): 16,200/head

Private Office: 65,000 Starting

Mango Space | Y-Block

Located in the famous Y-Block market with access to some of the major brands and stores, this co-working space provides individual and team spaces. This space caters to individuals and freelancers as well as small teams.

Desk Price (Coworking space): 12,000/head

Private Office: 11,000/seat

Popcorn Studio | Phase 5

Pop Corn Studios specializes in running small coworking spaces. They have multiple coworking spaces in Lahore. They host freelancers and small teams at their Phase 5 location. Last we checked with them, they were also in the process of setting up a fitness studio in this space.

Desk Price (Coworking space): 13,500/head

Private Office: 135,000 for 7 people

Huddle Coworking Space | Phase 6

Huddle is a decent space located in phase 6. It can be a suitable choice for people living in DHA phase 6-8, cantt, and askari 10. They also have a professional event space to cater to networking events.

Desk Price (Coworking space): 15,000/head

Private Office: Not available

To check Kickstart’s plans and locations – which are among the best in Lahore – you can visit this link.

Note: If you are still confused about which coworking space in Lahore is best for you, please feel free to reach our coworking hotline at +92-333-0596162 and our representatives will understand your requirements and guide you through the process.