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Serviced Office – A Cost Effective Office Solution

Serviced office at Kickstart is one of the most hassle-free office space solution available for small businesses, startups, and remote workers. If you are not aware of the services and benefits you can get out of a serviced office, you should read this now. Out of the benefits mentioned in the aforementioned article one that outweighs all others is that Serviced Office is also the most cost-effective office around. However, it does not seem so to some of the office seekers who compare a fully furnished and fully serviced office at a coworking space with per square foot rental cost of traditional (unfurnished) office rentals. We have compiled this post to explain how a serviced office is still a more cost-effective office solution despite its seemingly higher price tag.


We will consider what small teams comprising of 4-8 individuals will need to run an office and how much it costs. So the first thing is space: the teams under consideration will need a space to sit and work, a conference room for meetings, and a small pantry. Some might also want a guest reception and an area to dine and chill. But even if we stick to the necessary requirements, our team will need around 400-600 sq. ft. of space. Average office rental in Gulberg locality is PKR 80/sq.ft.


Other than space, our fictitious teams will need an internet connection, an office boy to run errands, do cleaning and general upkeep. The teams will also need to pay the utility bills for electricity and water and buy supplies (Tea/Coffee, water etc.) for the pantry. Aforementioned requirements are the bare minimum that a team will need to run an office.

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If we add up the costs of absolute necessities required to run an office and compare it to the price of a serviced office at Kickstart, we can see which option provides more value. If you also factor in the cost of setting up and managing an office, value of working in a vibrant coworking community which results in better employee retention and productivity, our serviced office does not sound like a bad deal at all 🙂

To schedule a tour to Kickstart Gulberg, please click here. You can also opt for a free one day trial to get the feel of space and community.



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