Restarting Workspace: Kickstart's Hygiene & Safety Protocols

Restarting Workspace: Kickstart’s Hygiene & Safety Protocols


The Office as we knew it has completely changed in just two months.

As our members start coming back to the office, the hygiene and safety protocols in the office have gained prime importance.

At Kickstart, we have a laser-sharp focus on health and safety. We have revamped our entire facility management process to cater to newly arisen requirements. We are also doing the required architectural changes to make our space safer.

We have made an elaborate health and safety guide to outline the measures we are taking. This is guide is primarily for our customers for whom Kickstart is the second home.

Here is the pdf version of the guide. You can download for faster viewing or keep scrolling to go through the guide online.

Table of Content of Kickstart's Hygiene & Safety Protocols
Why we made this guide
Steps to be Taken Before Opening the Office
SOPs to Enter the Office
Safety Protocols for Different Office Areas
Safety Protocols for Different Office Areas
Disinfection Processes at the Office
Hand Accessible Areas to be Disinfected
Hygiene and Safety Protocols for Food and Tea/Coffee Serving in the Office
Signage in the Office
Communal Responsibilities
Strategy to deal with a COVID-19 positive case.
Strategy to Deal with a COVID-19 positive Case.
Concluding Note and Contact Details