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5 Reasons why you should get a private office space at Kickstart


Shared working spaces can play an important role in the life of entrepreneurs and freelancers who use the opportunity to work with others. However, after a particular stage, businesses prefer to have a private office space of their own. But setting up a separate office kills the purpose of joining the coworking space in the first place.

Depending on who you are asking, the purpose of joining a coworking space can be to become a part of a larger community or to avoid the hassle of setting up an office. Some members also join to benefit from the experience and skills of the co-workers. Others come in to have access to a diverse human resource at their disposal. Setting up a secluded office for the need of privacy can deprive businesses and individuals of all the afore-mentioned advantages they can have in a coworking space. However, a fully serviced private office in a coworking space provides a unique opportunity for businesses to have a private space of their own while retaining all the advantages of a coworking space.

Here are the top 5 reasons  to use a private, serviced office in a coworking space:

Hassle-free alternative to setting up your own office space

Private office at Kickstart is a fully furnished office with all the amenities like high-speed internet, uninterrupted power, conference rooms, and discussion rooms. By choosing this option, you skip the troublesome task of setting up your own office. The process is very tedious and starts with the hunt of a suitable property and involves working with a lot of vendors to furnish the office. So why not choose this option especially when it is also cost-effective?

It is cost-effective! Yes!

When you compare the price of a serviced office to your average real estate available at XYZ/sq ft, you might conclude that the serviced office is expensive.

But actually, a serviced office in a coworking space is the cheapest option around. It seems so when the cost of amenities like conference rooms, calling booths, Internet, power back-up, tea/coffee, maintenance and cleaning costs and services by the office boy is factored in.

Not to mention the upfront costs and hassle of setting up an office.

We have not yet factored in the benefits of being a part of a coworking community e.g. access to a quality human resource and a community!


All coworking spaces have unique cultures and it is not always guaranteed that the culture of the coworking space will suit your business needs. The private office space inside the coworking space allows you to create the culture that suits your unique needs.

Your employee retention will improve

Companies that want to hire the best talent (and that’s all the companies we have) also need to provide their teams with a dynamic and inspiring working environment; an environment that is conducive to learning and personal growth. It becomes impossible for a smaller company to maintain this kind of environment because employees have limited number of people to interact with and learn from. Under these circumstances, employees gradually start feeling that their growth is hampered. Thereby increasing the feeling of dissatisfaction from the job, eventually leading to resignation. However, in coworking spaces, there is greater room for learning for your employees with a lot of experienced professionals around. In a survey conducted with Kickstart members, we found out that 43% of our members had this benefit of coworking in mind when they were planning to join our coworking space.

Increased Productivity

The high productivity of employees is an essential ingredient for any business to expand and grow. The highly encouraging environment  at coworking spaces tends to have a huge impact on employee productivity levels. In regular offices, the employees have a greater risk of getting alienated and depressed by their work routine. However, in coworking space, the chances of alienation in the workforce are very low. In fact, the high morale and confidence brought in with this style of work leads to a rise in employee performance.