coworking taking over traditional offices

How Coworking is revolutionizing workspace


The environment you work in has a great impact on a person’s productivity. Over the years we have seen a shift in the work environment from a very stringent hierarchal structure to a more lateral and fluid one. This is where the concept of co-working gained popularity and has been on the up ever since.

When evaluating success and productivity over time, it starts with the employees and their performance. With the open environment and space to breath in a Coworking structure, employees have shown to be more effective versus in a conventional working space where they feel restricted.

As employees are becoming more conscious about their work-life, they are not just motivated with monetary benefits rather are inclined to perform better and not just wait for the clock to strike 6 when they have a more open and fun environment to work in.
For companies, allowing and paying for employees to work out of coworking spaces offers many benefits. In addition to reducing remote work loneliness, coworking spaces provide excellent business and technology infrastructure, strong networking opportunities, and exposure to innovative companies, products, and services. Companies will also benefit from having happier, more engaged, and more productive workers.

Furthermore, in a co-working space, you don’t have to manage your office facility and services like the internet, electric supply, and tea/coffee for staff. Co-working saves a lot of work hours of good resources in your team and helps you focus on your core business.

For individual workers, it’s not easy to grow in an isolated environment. Research shows that 84% of coworking members reported that working from a communal environment improved their work engagement and motivation. People are better able to concentrate as compared to working from homes or coffee shops.

It’s time to rethink and re-evaluate what kind of workspace you want to be part of and what kind of work-life do you want to have. As of now and the near future, it’s co-working for the win!