Business Owners and Startup Founders Learn How to Grow their Businesses with Digital Marketing


The session aimed at educating business owners on how to grow their businesses with digital marketing was organized by Digital Academy™ and Kickstart in DHA Lahore.

Several business owners and startup founders learned how to grow their business on digital platforms through digital marketing in a session here in Lahore. The session was organized by Digital Academy™ and Kickstart in DHA, Lahore. Quite a few businessmen and startup founders hailing from diverse backgrounds attended the session.

“Digital platforms have already become the habits in our lives. It’s just a matter of time when every business will feel the need to go digital”, said Usman Latif, the founder of Digital Academy™ and Digital Marketing Pakistan™. He continued that, “The ones (businesses) who are already marketing their businesses on digital platforms are way ahead of their competition, but there’s still a lot to be done to make traditional businesses aware of this avenue and train them on how to leverage this new medium.”

The session focused on equipping the audience with a framework that can effectively guide the process of conception of growth hacking strategies and how digital marketing channels can be leveraged to grow the online and offline businesses. The attendees learned the basics of the growth hacking, digital marketing and how different models can be used by different businesses to grow their user base and get more leads and eventually sales of their digital assets.

Usman used the classic purchasing funnel to guide and structure the thoughts of the audience before picking up a few businesses and mapping their customer journeys on a whiteboard to further solidify their understanding. At the end of the session, participants had dissected the aforementioned purchasing funnel and had a framework to devise their digital marketing strategy.

The session started with an opening statement by Saad Riaz – community manager of Kickstart – who asserted that Kickstart provides more than just space. He said, “Kickstart aims to catalyze the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country. Currently, we are doing so by providing entrepreneurs and freelancers spaces where they can interact with each other to receive much-needed inspiration and reinforcement. Workshop series also contributes to our broader mission of helping young entrepreneurs”.

At the end of the session, there was an extensive Q&A session. Almost every participant took part in the discussion and explored opportunities on how to grow their businesses. Digital Academy™ and Kickstart showed their determination to hold more sessions of this kind in future.