Coffee Shops, Bookstores, Public Libraries: What are the Best Options in Lahore for Alternative Workspace?


Finding the perfect workspace in Lahore can be like searching for the holy grail especially when you have so many options. Whether you’re a freelancer, a remote worker, or just someone needing a change of scenery, there are fantastic spots across the city to help you stay productive. 

Let’s dive into some of the best options Lahore has to offer, from cozy coffee shops to serene libraries. Don’t leave till the end because we have got an all-in-one option for you.

Best Options in Lahore for Alternative Workspace

Coffee Shops 

Gloria Jean’s Coffees

You know how it is, the aroma of coffee alone is enough to make you want to get things done. The coffee shop Gloria Jean’s Coffees has several branches in Lahore, which provides the guests with a comfortable and friendly environment. 

Their comfortable chairs and the Wi-Fi, which is dependable, make it ideal for carrying out tasks. But, of course, one could not go wrong with a cappuccino or their chillers to keep you going strong.

However, as the day passes, it sure can get busy and you might not be able to focus if you have a sort attention span. If you ask about the price, the coffee at Gloria Jeans start from 400 pkr and the menu can go all up to 1400

Second Cup

Another great find for those who like working remotely is Second Cup. For instance, their branches in Gulberg and DHA are large and well-lit, with ample natural lighting. Nothing can be as good as working in a well-lit open space with a cup of coffee on the table. 

There are also many power outlets for charging your devices, so don’t stress about your laptop battery running out mid-assignment. 

But again you know the hustle and bustle of a coffee shop. Not everyone has come to work, some are their for enjoyment so this minor issue can become a big trouble if you can’t focus easily. 

600 pkr; that’s what a coffee at second cup can cost you and if you try to go with the option of sandwich at lunch, it can be around 1200 pkr to 2000 pkr.

Coffee Planet

Coffee Planet located in DHA Phase 5 is a perfect place for people who require a quiet zone. There is not much distraction from the surroundings and the coffee they serve is excellent. 

It is ideal if you do not like crowded places, and you want to relax in a calm setting. Also, the complimentary Wi-Fi is definitely a nice touch to get your work done. 

But don’t you think working from a coffee shop every day can get pretty expensive? Hot tea starting at 400 pkr while a cold coffee can be 600pkr or more.

Book Stores


Just think about the opportunity to be surrounded by books while working. Sounds dreamy, right? Readings in Gulberg offers just that. Comfortable nooks and a quiet environment make it perfect for studying with no distractions and getting a lot done. 

However, you are not going to find a proper sitting area in Readings. Sure you can easily relax on pillows while working and sitting on the floor. But are you sure you want to do it for long hours?

Liberty Books

Liberty Books, which has branches in DHA and Gulberg, is a perfect place for book lovers who also need a comfortable workspace. The chairs are ergonomic and conducive to work, and the environment is productive. 

Also, the fact that you have many books with you means that you can take some time and read something entertaining. But you might have to face troubles if you are bringing in coffee for your daily dose because you know bookstore precautions.

Oxford University Press Bookshop

Located in DHA Phase 3, the Oxford University Press Bookshop provides a calm environment that is suitable for working. 

The academic environment can be rather inspiring, and the people who work there are very nice and helpful. It is a perfect opportunity to step away from the noise and get down to business.

However, you might have trouble if you want to take online meetings with your clients because of the bookstore’s razzle-dazzle.

Book Stores

Punjab Public Library

For those who like a more conventional environment, the Punjab Public Library near Anarkali is a classic. This one is perfect for those who love the historic feel and the quiet reading rooms that are perfect for those big focused work sessions. 

The library is rather large and somehow the feeling of the old building might help inspire something new. But if you work late nights for international clients, you will have to look for another place as it closes down at 8 pm.

British Council Library

The British Council Library on Upper Mall is a modern and fully equipped library with all the facilities you require. From fast internet connection to ergonomically friendly chairs, everything is in place to accommodate the growing number of remote employees. 

Furthermore, the availability of a wide variety of resources is also very beneficial for doing research-related activities. This can be a great option but it has the same issue as the above option; closes down at 8 pm.

Lahore Gymkhana Library

If the opportunity arises, the Lahore Gymkhana Library on Mall Road is the ideal choice among libraries. It provides a serene, secluded working space that can be ideal for business. It has comfortable furniture and a calm ambiance, which makes it one of my go-to places for work.

While 8 pm in other libraries wasn’t a much helping situation, this one closes down at 7:30 pm. And what if you feel like having a coffee or some snacks? Not allowed at all.

Coffee Shops vs Bookstores vs Public Libraries

A Professional Workspace Option: Kickstart Co-Working Space

If you’re looking for a more professional setup, Kickstart Co-Working Space is the place to be. Located in various parts of Lahore, Kickstart offers everything from private offices to shared desks, along with meeting rooms and high-speed internet. It’s perfect if you need a dedicated workspace with a community feel. 

Plus, the networking opportunities here are unparalleled. And you also don’t have to worry about coffee, snacks, or timings Unlimited coffee and 24/7 operational, now that’s a dream come true.


So there you have it, folks—my top picks for alternative workspaces in Lahore. Whether you’re a coffee lover, a bookworm, or someone who thrives in a quiet library, there’s something for everyone in this bustling city. Remember, the right environment can make all the difference in your productivity and creativity.