Coffee Shops, Bookstores, Public Libraries: What are the Best Options in Karachi for Alternative Workspace? 


Work outside of a traditional office? It’s a game-changer. Whether you’re a freelancer, a student, or someone who needs a break from home, Karachi has a plethora of spots that cater to your needs. 

Let me guide you through some of the best coffee shops, bookstores, and public libraries in Karachi that can serve as your alternative workspace. Wait! We got a special option too but you have to go till the end with us.

Best Options in Karachi for Alternative Workspace

Coffee Shops 


The first one on the list is Espresso. For those who require a caffeine boost to function, Espresso, with its several branches in DHA, Clifton, and Sindhi Muslim, is a perfect option. 

The atmosphere is casual but business-like, the chairs are comfortable, and the WLAN connection is stable. Plus, their coffee is great. There is no greater satisfaction than working with the smell of coffee in the air.

A day at Espresso can cost you 600 pkr to 3000 pkr depending on what you decide to order from their menu.

Butlers Chocolate Café

Butlers’ Chocolate Café is another great place to visit as well. Located in Clifton, Zamzama, and Dolmen Mall, this café is as posh as the food served in it will make you crave for. The combination of high-quality chocolates and the relaxing atmosphere of a cafe is ideal for extended work on assignments. 

The Wi-Fi connection is good and the arrangement of the seats is comfortable however ergonomic chairs have a charm of their own. Butlers Chocolate Cafe’s menu ranges from 900 pkr to 2500 pkr.

FLOC – For the Love of Coffee

FLOC in Clifton Block 4 is remote workers’ favorite when they want a stylish place but also a calm one. The name of the place sums it up – For the Love of Coffee – and this coffee shop does not fail to deliver. 

It is a well-lit space, the environment is lively and the internet connection is fast. It’s perfect for those days when you need some inspiration and a lot of coffee. And the best thing? The owner is an entrepreneur too so you can feel the vibes of productivity. 

A coffe at Floc can cost you around 480 pkr while the menu can go up to 3300 pkr.

Book Stores

Liberty Books

Liberty Books is a book lovers’ paradise as well as an ideal workplace for freelancers. The bookstore branches are located in Clifton and Dolmen Mall and it is not hard to find a corner to work with your laptop. 

The environment is calm and there is something inspiring about being in the company of literature. And if you feel like taking a break, you can always grab a book and immerse yourself in another universe for a while.

The Book Group

Established in Clifton, The Book Group provides customers with a quiet environment free from interruptions. The seats are good, the choice of books is vast, and there is typically little noise – ideal for getting things done. The fact that there is a lot of intellectualism here, will make you feel more intelligent and productive.

Public Libraries 

Frere Hall Library

Another well-known place worth visiting is Frere Hall Library located in Saddar and surrounded by a calm atmosphere. The atmosphere is rather inspiring due to the historic exterior and interior, as well as the thousands of books filling the shelves. 

There is free Wi-Fi, and the cafe is quite large, so it is easy to find a comfortable working corner. And the small gardens around are also very beautiful for a time of relaxation for the tired eyes. However, you might not like it closing down at 5 PM if you work internationally and need to adjust your schedule accordingly.

Liaquat Memorial Library

Liaquat Memorial Library is a public library that is situated in the Gulshan-e-Iqbal and is one of the biggest libraries in Karachi. It is big, very quiet, and has a lot of books and other reading material. 

They are ideal since they offer a serene atmosphere that is free from interferences that may affect the flow of work. Closes down at 9 PM, this can be a better option that Frere Hall Library closing down at 5 PM.

Defence Central Library

Defence Central Library is another place that provides a quiet and spacious area suitable for remote working. 

It is easy to get connectivity to the internet through the Wi-Fi, and the environment is suitable for work. It’s a perfect area to be engrossed in work without the common noise and bustle.

This one also closes down at 9 PM so make sure you set your schedule accordingly if you plan to work from here.

Coffee Shops vs Bookstores vs Public Libraries

A Professional Workspace Option: Kickstart Co-Working Space

If you’re looking for a more professional setup, Kickstart Co-Working Space is the place to be. Located in various parts of Lahore, Kickstart offers everything from private offices to shared desks, along with meeting rooms and high-speed internet. It’s perfect if you need a dedicated workspace with a community feel. 

Plus, the networking opportunities here are unparalleled. And you also don’t have to worry about coffee, snacks, or timings Unlimited coffee and 24/7 operational, now that’s a dream come true.


There you have it – my top picks for alternative workspaces in Karachi. Whether you thrive in the buzz of a coffee shop, the quiet of a bookstore, or the focused environment of a library, Karachi has something for everyone. 

Don’t judge any place or stop experimenting. Creativity can strike you at any place, any time. Grab your laptop and explore these fantastic spots. Happy working!