7 Reasons why I am falling in love with coding this Valentine’s Day

14 Feb 2017

Code will always be my first and last love. It’s logical. It’s zeros and ones. It’s true and false and it’s solvable. You can break a code down to figure out where it went wrong, why it didn’t compile and how a missing parenthesis can render it useless. You can spend hours on a machine and talk to it, quite literally talk to it through assembly you are writing. There is a beauty to coding which can only be understood by few.

This is why I choose to code rather than dating
1. Garbage In, Garbage Out.
GIGO as we coders call it – whatever you give is what you get. That is not the case with humans, mostly. Humans are the mix of emotions, entanglement, fears and effort whereas code is logic. Whatever you tell the code to do it will do. You tell it to loop, it will loop. You tell it to break and it will break. With code what you give is what you get and that’s productivity at its best.  The fascination of how things work and how you can make a machine follow a certain instruction is ecstatic. With humans, you have to hope they do as you say – certain element of expectation is involved while a machine can follow a flawless code to the very end without a glitch.
2. You Get to Create Something from Scratch
Technically and biologically you do create a human from scratch but not realistically (Read: Dolly the Clone). The code is something you get to create from the scratch. You write a set of logical instruction and they end up following a command. Creating something from your own hands and present mind is satisfying. It’s like building an elegant machine all on your own. It’s a perfect union of creativity and math. It is said coders have ‘God Complex’ and just maybe it’s not that far from the truth. When you piece together logic it translates into a conceivable concept. Humans aren’t jigsaw – you can’t piece them together to form a big a picture.
3. No Extra Effort 
If I choose to code in two-day old trouser, peach fuzz around my face, unkempt hair and a graphic t-shirt I don’t bother to press – that’s my prerogative. I may or may not have showered this week, I don’t recall. Coding doesn’t require me to make any such effort. I can be me, a ragamuffin me.  I can be true to myself.  Human interaction requires effort and time which I rather invest in coding and create a new feature instead.
4. No Need to Communicate
Humans tend to talk a lot – a lot. I rather prefer to use my empathy to empathize with a machine rather than a human.  I know the language of the machine and it’s far easier to communicate with it because machines speak what they mean. This, however, is not very true for humans. Humans rarely say what they mean and half the time they themselves don’t know what they mean.
5. Predictable Behavior 
With the code, I am the one in control. It makes me feel powerful. I can write two lines to make a machine throw a ball or I can write two lines to make it self-destruct. That is not something I can do in human interactions. Humans mostly are funny creatures with unpredictable behavior. You tell them they have increased in mass and they find it offending. It’s quite incomprehensible. With coding when you’re wrong it makes sense when you’re right it makes sense – because it all connects. There’s no mistakes, no opinion just facts. I know what my code means at all times. Whether you are right or wrong – it’s very apparent. Humans, however, thrive on opinions and when you give them your opinions they take offense.  Logic makes sense, emotions don’t.
6. It is solvable
For every code that breaks there is the solution that makes it complete. I like to solve problems, analyze them and design creative and analytical solutions for them. With Humans trying to over analyze them and suggesting improvements is mostly met with hindrance and raised eyebrows. In coding, you can play detective, follow clues and solve a mystery. You can fine-tune a code to execution. You can’t tweak a human for efficiency – they don’t even come with a manual or class library.
7. Code is forever
A good code will live forever. It will adapt, it will update, it will optimize and it will stay. It’s a form of usable art and embodies one’s genius. Whatever time you invest in a code will help build a better more efficient world. Humans – die. This is why My <love> CODE </love> is forever. No heart </br>!
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