6 successful companies at Kickstart Coworking

6 Successful Companies Based at Kickstart


It’s been a few months since we launched our new location and some of the most innovative startups, SMEs and companies have already joined us. These companies find a strong value proposition in our different membership offerings. Some of our customers love the flexibility of our membership plans. Others find great value in custom office layout and Networking (IT) solutions.

Following is the list of 6 companies hosted at our latest location:

1- Educative:
Ranked #1 by GitHub student pack! Educative offers high-quality online courses that will uplift your coding skills. 

Educative shares its growth history with Kickstart. It started with a team of 1 and today has 70 resources based at Kickstart. From day one till now, we have offered them a plan that suited them best at any given stage. They never had to worry about moving out because we always have #RoomForMore.

Starzplay is a streaming platform operating in 30+ markets. They are the ultimate hub for all your favorite movies & TV shows. 

They availed a serviced office facility at Kickstart that has executive offices, separate team rooms, and dedicated meeting rooms. They grew with us on a Pay-As-You-Grow basis. On day-1 they had 6 members. Today they have 50+ resources in their team and they are growing strong! 

Zones is ruling over 80+ countries with its top-quality IT solutions to cater to business challenges of today.

They moved out of their office spanning over 8000 sq.ft. to join our hassle-free facility. They joined Kickstart to gain access to a vibrant community and talent.

4-Ice Consulting:
Ice Consulting is a US-based company that has been providing IT services and consultation for over 20+ years. We have provided them an office suite at Kickstart while catering to their custom IT and Networking requirements. 


Dipitt will get your mouth watering with its wide range of sauces. We host Dipitt’s Sales and Marketing teams. Our cozy vibe and seamless facility management make them feel at home. Our central location provides them convenient access to retailers and partners all over Lahore. 

Widespread is well known for selling top quality electrical equipment mainly in the US. They have their remote IT research team based at Kickstart.

If you are looking to expand your business operations or move a team to a coworking space then you can book a tour at Kickstart, today!