Kickstart - Privacy Policy - Kickstart
Kickstart is a co-working space in Pakistan which aims to provide efficient and collaborative work environments to start-ups, freelancers and professionals.
Co-working space, shared office, desk space, office for rent.
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Kickstart collects the contact information of its members and people interested in its services and community. This information is collected through Kickstart website and social media accounts.

Kickstart also collects the information about members’ technical and professional skill which is used to inform them about relevant freelance work or collaborative opportunities *.

  • We use the contact information provided to communicate our latest offers, community news, and details of events happening at Kickstart.
  • Kickstart does not share the contact information of its members or those interested in its services/community with any affiliates or third parties.
  • People who subscribe to our correspondence can anytime opt out of it. Kickstart will not send any information after a person has unsubscribed.  

We take the privacy of our members very seriously.  Upon any violation of above-mentioned policy, members and those interested in our services can contact us at



*Kickstart does not contact the employees of member teams for any freelance work. Only the team lead or a point person assigned by the team lead is contacted in such cases.