Kickstart aims to create unique experiences for technology entrepreneurs and freelancers

5 Jan 2017

Since our starting in February last year, around 100 entrepreneurs and freelancers have used our co-working spaces. Life of Qasim Asad is one of those 100 lives that were directly influenced by Kickstart in some way at least, in the past eleven months. Qasim is the founder of anonymous social networking application Campusfeed that allows the students to share content with their fellows on campus. The content that is being shared on the application is about everything that goes on campus from discussions about courses, extracurricular activities and events to social life on campus. The best part about the application is that students can share content without disclosing their identity; yes, every user is anonymous on Campusfeed. Qasim has already launched the application at the campuses of LUMS, Lahore School of Economic and Beacon House National University and received a positive response. Within just two days of launch, the application received 600 downloads on one campus. Currently, the average user is spending more time on Campusfeed than he/she spends on Facebook. Overall, the application has been used for 80,000 times in the past two months.

When he joined us back in April last year, he was in the process of developing his MVP. It was an IOS application that he launched in LUMS soon after joining Kickstart. Like the case is with MVPs, he found out that the room for improvement is huge. After months of hard work and special assistance from his coworker Talha (CEO at, Qasim managed to hire the perfect team that built the app. It was during his time at Kickstart, when he improved the application, developed a marketing strategy, hired a technical team and built a network of 300 campus ambassadors. He also went to participate in the Startup Istanbul and made it into the top 50 startups. Currently, his startup is incubated at Plan9 incubator. Qasim attributes a part of his early success to the help he received from coworkers at Kickstart.

Qasim’s experience is one of the many that are being created at our co-working space, and we owe this to our helpful and enabling community. Going ahead with the mission to catalyze the growth of technology industry in the country, we are opening up our spaces for technology-related talks, events, and workshops, for free. This is part of our goal to create many more positive, informative experiences for technology entrepreneurs and freelancers. From now on, Kickstart spaces will be available for such events on Saturdays and Sundays.

If you wish to organize any such event/workshop/talk, shoot us an email at with the event description or proposal.